Firstly, your car is a machine. When the people were making it in the factory they knew that there were certain parts of your car that wouldn't last as long as others and would need to be replaced every so often to ensure the proper functioning of yo

  MOTOR SERVICES   LPM offers a wide range of services and repairs, we offer minor and major services on all makes and models of vehicles. Our service is to the highest standard, we are not backyard

  AIRCONDITIONING:   We provide a full aircon service.   Our services include;   Repairs   Vehicle aircon system pressure testing   Temperature checks  

General auto electrical repairs to all vehicles  Ignition    Wiring    Lighting    Automotive control units    Electronic diagnostics    Lambda senso

We offer the most comprehensive diagnostic solution to cover all main vehicle functionalities. Our directors is in partnership with the company importing garage equipment and diagnostic tools for the entire motor industry, therefore we are one of the