As part of our one-stop service to our clients, we offer a full battery service.
We have partnered with a range of premium suppliers to ensure that we offer you only the best products. We stock affordable and reliable car batteries for all vehicle makes and sizes.  Fitment is done on premises or as part of our emergency service where we will come to you and get you on the road again.
All our batteries carry the full guarantee of the supplier.
We also do full battery testing without damage to the battery. It’s important to have your battery checked twice a year.
Keeping your battery charged during lockdown.
It is not a good idea to let your vehicle idle. You need about 20 minutes of fast idling just to recharge the start-up battery usage. We recommend at least 30 min of running at 2000 rpm at minimum to charge the battery. Ideally this should be done every 14 days. If possible, minimise short drives as much as you can as it does not allow the battery to fully recharge.  
Do not disconnect the battery as alarms will not be operational and it poses a risk of damage to electronics and key coding. Connect a smart charger to the vehicle and leave on for at least 24 hours. DO NOT use other chargers on modern vehicles as it can damage the electronics.
Please do not jump start your vehicle as you can cause damage to the engine computer.
Call us for step by step assistance.

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